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Since the first Covino aquarium opened, hundreds of animals have died either at the facilities or during transport, including over 200 in a three-month period at the now-defunct Portland Aquarium. A total of 250 trout died in transport to SeaQuest Littleton in Colorado. In addition, dozens of people have reported injuries sustained by direct contact with wildlife at SeaQuest Littleton.


Ammon Covino was sentenced in federal court to more than a year in prison, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit illegal wildlife trafficking in 2013. He was sent back to prison twice in 2016, after violating his parole—which prohibited any activity involving the exhibition, purchase, or sale of fish or wildlife. Despite being legally prohibited from doing so, Ammon remained involved with the operations of the aquariums in Portland, Austin, and San Antonio (for which he was sent back to prison in February 2016). Then he was involved in the opening of SeaQuest aquariums in Utah and Nevada (for which he went back to prison again in November 2016). 

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February 24, 2019/Las Vegas, Nevada

February 22, 2019/Las Vegas, Nevada

February 5, 2019/Fort Worth, Texas

January 10, 2019/Littleton, Colorad

January 7, 2019/Littleton, Colorado

January 5, 2019/Littleton, Colorado

January 5, 2019/Littleton, Colorado

January 2, 2019/Littleton, Colorado

December 27, 2018/Littleton, Colorado

December 21, 2018/Littleton, Colorado

December 11, 2018/Folsom, California

December 9, 2018/Folsom, California

December 9, 2018/Folsom, California

November 25, 2018/Folsom, California

November 21, 2018/Folsom, California

October 23, 2018/Las Vegas, Nevada

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