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History Of Abuse, Neglect, And Death

SeaQuest has made headlines across five states for their shady business practices, which include hundreds of animals dying in a month to trafficking animals without permits. 

National Geographic 

Inside the murky world of the aquarium trade


Company Opening Interactive Aquarium in Folsom has Dark Reputation, Protesters Say

Stingray dies in touch tank three weeks after SeaQuest aquarium’s opening in Folsom


New SeaQuest aquarium fails 2 animal welfare inspections

SeaQuest's history in other states includes protests and questions about animal care

SeaQuest exhibit in Littleton issued cease and desist order by Colorado Department of Agriculture


They Have Been Known To Openly Neglect Their Animals

Capybaras and two-toed sloth stored in basement?

Aquarium coming to Galleria mall accused of animal abuse


Former Las Vegas SeaQuest employees allege animal neglect

Las Vegas aquarium under fire after ex-employee alleges animal neglect


SeaQuest responds to petition with nearly 1,000 signatures

National News - BornFree

They Call it ‘Edutainment’ – We Call it Exploitation and Abuse

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